Spring 2018 Class Schedule

February 6 - May 12

               No classes will be held the week of February 17-23

or April 1-7

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Let's Pretend
Grades pre k-k

For our “Youngest Performers”, YPT offers this introduction to creative drama through storytelling, puppetry, dramatization and music. Kids will learn to act out classic stories as they craft and create their own dialogue and action!

Tuesday Instructor: Phillip Laurent

Saturday Instructor: Bri Reyes


Grades 1-2

This class is for children who are learning to love the magic of drama.  Students act out classic and contemporary stories, as well as creating their own unique adventures.  Major emphasis will be placed on improvisation, character development and the fundamentals of story structure. Class culminates in a performance for family and friends on the last day!  Instructor: Phillip Laurent



Grades 2-4

Put on your own mini-musical! The class will focus on basic singing technique and voice control, as well as dance styles and the ability to “deliver” a song. Students will work on a mini-musical for presentation at the end of the semester. Instructor: Jean Paul Jones


Grades 4-6

Students in Presenting … the SHOW will create their own characters and, with the guidance of the instructor, weave them together in their own story.  Based on improvisational techniques and games, character development and the major components of storytelling.  The show will be presented on the final day of class! Instructor: Bri Reyes



THeatre and audition techniques

Grades 6-8

This 6 week course will help students understand the fundamentals of scene study and audition techniques.  Class will work on monologues and scenes to build a basic confidence and understanding of stage performance.  Instructor: Bri Reyes



Grades 8-12

Learn how to navigate the Bard's famous works, using the combination of
heightened language and naturalistic acting.
Perfect for teens looking to pursue a career in the arts. Conquering Shakespeare is
the key to good acting. Culminates with a performance of vignettes from selected works for friends and family, with a reception following! Class is 8 weeks long! Instructor: Steve Bologna


All tuitions include a $150 deposit. Please note that under no circumstances are deposits refunded.

If your student is unable to attend a class, please let your teacher know!


On the very rare occasion that our classes are under-enrolled, we will regrettably have to cancel the class. You will be given the option of changing to another one, receiving a credit or we will reimburse your full payment (only because we are responsible for the cancellation). Please understand that this is the only time reimbursement will be given.