What is our repertory?

Young Performers Theatre Repertory is a program that allows children from elementary to high school age the opportunity to participate in a repertory theatre company. As part of working toward our mission, YPT provides a five-show season to the public every year, where kids perform fully staged productions for kids. The goal of this program is to inspire a love and dedication to theatre in both our performers and their audiences. The program offers a unique opportunity for our performers to gain insight into a professional repertory theatre company’s process. Additionally, it provides excellent opportunities to learn and practice skills that are useful in all aspects of life, throughout childhood and into adulthood. This program provides an extremely unique and exquisite opportunity for children of a whole variety of ages to explore and create entire worlds and characters, and then to show off their artistic creations to an appreciative audience.

Repertory Benefits

Individuals who participate in our Repertory benefit tremendously from the experience.  Participating in our productions builds self confidence and poise, it promotes focus, social learning, empathy, conflict resolution, cooperation with others and offers a healthy release of emotions.  It develops coping, listening and language skills.  YPT Repertory is a supportive and loving community.

insight into a professional process

  • Audition process, or lack thereof
  • Memorizing Lines
  • Rehearsal process
  • Live performance for the public


A professional theatre environment teaches kids, perhaps better than any other extracurricular activity, how to take direction, complete difficult assignments on time, and be reliable, all while still having a great time.


Every member of the cast relies on the other members to ensure that the show is a success. Each kid in the cast learns the importance of working together with a tight knit team. No matter how one may feel toward another individual “the show must go on” and kids learn the importance of leaving inter-personal issues at the door.


Each performer must trust his or her cast members to have their back during the performance. In live theatre, sometimes, things go wrong, and it is important to learn to trust that when they do, one of your cast members will be there to help. This level of trust can create a close bond between members of a cast, and in turn may provide them with friends for years to come.


Many children want a chance to stand up and tell a story, or be a character, or just have fun and be the center of attention while doing it! This program provides the perfect avenue for that expression.

This list just scratches the surface of the variety of skills and experiences kids who participate in the program gain through participation. These skills, as well as the friends they make through the program, will stick with them for their entire lives.