YPT Repertory program is a free service we offer to our dedicated young performers.  There are some requirements of the family for the child to become/remain eligible for the program.

To be offered the opportunity to participate in the program the child must be known to YPT staff members.
This may be accomplished a variety of ways.

Participate in the Academy

This is the primary way that YPT finds members of its repertory. Children that distinguish themselves in the classes may be offered a chance to participate in one of our shows, or a closed audition.

Open audition

On occasion, YPT will host open auditions for open positions in individual shows. If offered a part in a show, and the child distinguishes him or herself during the show’s run, s/he may be asked to remain in the program.

invitation from a staff member

There are instances where individual staff members may extend an invitation to a child without going through either of these other processes. The most common instance of this is through work with the child in a school setting, or work with the child’s sibling.

There is no cost to the program, however there are expectations of the child and their family.

We are putting on shows for members of the general public, as a result a lot is expected of our actors. We ask that they be able to live up to the challenge. The vast majority of children, if it is an experience they are genuinely interested in, have absolutely no trouble rising to the occasion.

the child's dedication

Because the children are putting in so much effort (and getting so much out of it) we like to ask their parents to also be actively involved in YPT. There are a number of ways that the parents can show support:


There are a number of volunteer opportunities for parents to help YPT further its mission. Most of these opportunities are PR related, specifically promoting the shows that their children will be participating in.

In-kind support

YPT is often looking to improve our infrastructure, and is always looking for props. Many times parents have the opportunities to show support through donating supplies to the theater. This will be handled on a case by case basis.


We understand that not everyone has the time to support the theater, but in those cases we ask that the families instead show their support through becoming members and or donors to the theater. This will be handled on a case by case basis.

In some cases, specifically cases of high school students, the children may support the organization enough that additional support from parents is not necessary to guarantee participation in the program.

The parents’ dedication

additional details

This program is designed to run the entire length of our season, essentially one full calendar year. In January of each year YPT will invite children and their families to participate in the program that year. The program guarantees the child will be invited to participate in at least two shows during the season and will not be required to audition for those shows, though they may be invited to open auditions for shows they are already promised a role in. It should be noted that participation in the shows does not guarantee a position in the core company, nor is a position in the core company a requirement for participating in the shows. The benefit to the repertory company is that it ensures that YPT will call you up to participate in our shows, often exceeding the guaranteed two shows. It also may open the door for other opportunities at YPT, including paid and unpaid positions. Participation in the program does not guarantee any specific role in any production. It also does not guarantee any other benefits except what is enumerated in this document.

Once invited to participate in the program at the beginning of the year, the child cannot be asked to leave the program, unless they or their parents fail to live up to the program requirements. At the end of that year the family’s participation in the program ends and they must be invited back again the next year. YPT, like many repertory theater companies on which this program is based, does not guarantee any family’s return to the program multiple years in a row. The repertory company is really the heart and soul of the YPT community, and except in cases where parents or children lose interest, or fail to fulfill the requirements, YPT has yet to deny an invitation to a family with a history of participation in the program.

Participation in the program also comes with an invitation to YPT’s end of season holiday party to celebrate the year and the hard work and dedication of the performers.